Science can be scary

The science march is coming! I drew this sign up (it is cropped for viewing on your cellphone).

Feel free to think up your own caption.

Science, at its best is the pursuit of the truth. It can be wrong, but when there is enough evidence, it changes. It’s iterative progress towards the truth and it’s ability to excise what is false is what makes it beautiful and powerful. When people say “you can’t believe scientists, they are always wrong” you should tell them, “that’s the point.”

Some truths and falsehoods have little or no consequence but the truths science investigate are not “did Joe have Cinnamon Toast crunch or oatmeal for breakfast?” (I had neither). As in Jurassic Park, the truths science pursues can only be ignored at our own peril.

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One thought on “Science can be scary

  1. Roll on into the future, Joe! Keep on asking questions!
    Science and faith in God do not have to clash; both are valid. As Christians, I believe we are encouraged to continue to ask questions. God is not afraid of the challenges of science.
    Love, mom

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