Snapchat the Unicorn

Everyone knows that if you post a picture online it will never disappear right? So Snapchat told everyone you could take a picture and it would disappear after the person you sent it to looked at it. Lets think about it… You take a picture which gets stored locally on your phone (and possibly the service provider’s server- or the cloud). It gets sent to a Snapchat server (which it turns out they don’t own) for at least until it can get sent to your friend. When your friend’s phone gets the picture, it is stored in their phone’s memory. It turns out that it is just as unsecured as we thought. I’m sorry, Santa Clause isn’t real. The “disappearing” pictures was just a ploy to give people older than 60 warm fuzzies that their dick pics were safe.

But what is mind boggling is that an impossible idea is worth real money with which they could purchase things in the real world! And they have yet to figure out how to make money off it. It is supposedly -by their own estimate- worth $25 billion. That could pay for a farm over half the size of New Mexico or a wall between the US and Mexico. I felt the initial acquisition offer could best be described in a cartoon. (The beige square is supposed to be a cardboard box).

And then I saw this article…

Which means:

My teleporter is worth at least $30 billion.

I figure vertical cartoons should work best on your phone. I’m trying to keep expectations low- that’s why I went for stick figures in MS paint. However, it is much harder to make expressive stick people than I thought.

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