The 2015 Baltimore Riots- Part 3; Fear

Part 3
Monday April 27th I went to work.

  • 2:30 my google news feed showed a large group of high school kids had gathered at a mall north west of the city center. They were pelting the group of police officers with rocks and bricks. A few were taken away with injuries. I admired their restraint.
  • 3:45 the order to disperse was given. Again the police did nothing to contain them. Instead of 15 “rioters”, now there were around 200. They moved down the street like a low slung tornado tracking on a course towards the baseball stadium and my apartment.
  • 4:15 the storm had moved through north avenue and now the looting was touched off
  • 5:00 the Rite Aide on north avenue was an empty bonfire.

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