Making in the great north woods; Part 2- The making

And we are back!

Computers, the technology they made possible including 3d printing and the internet has and will continue to make those distances smaller. Making is more than being a tinker or an inventor. It allows us to combine our ideas with a global consciousness. It gives nearly anyone the ability to create. I used 3d printing to make my own life better by creating a better power wheelchair joystick handle. The internet helped make it something greater than me.

Like MSHS “making” is a meritocracy. Today’s culture try’s to convince us that we must buy what they have decided we want for the purpose they intended and is trying to make us forget we can create. Being a maker runs against that. You too can matter- if you want to. You can create no matter your physical abilities, or geographic barriers. This movement is about a world wide community rapidly improvising and perfecting ideas that are greater than one person.

Like any good maker project the development of the maker movement is both collaborative and evolving. The current obstacles are determining how to leverage the rapid evolution through open sharing of ideas while rewarding individuals who contribute. As in any meritocracy, there are people who are extremely skilled or talented. There is no iTunes for 3d parts and few copyrights. As of today, being a maker is a hobby not a profession. These and other hurdles will be cleared not just by a few people on the coasts but all of us together.

I’m sorry I can’t be there in person today. Currently I live 1000 miles, 18 years and four wheels away from MSHS. Technology has enabled this communication much as these 3d printers will enable these and future students who live in a forgotten corner of the US to participate in the global discussion of what creation will be and what it means to create. Please allow me to continue to use the story of MSHS- it inspires me and makes me proud.

FYI if you too would like to donate to the MSHS makerspace contact Becky Simmons, MAPS Makerspace director, at [email protected].

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  1. Thanks for the missing piece to the puzzle.

    Also, woohoo, news coverage!

    Also also, they dedicated one of those nice extra-tall Ultimakers to you! Pretty sweet. :}

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