My Accident- Part 5; The rescue

I knew that my friends had seen me dive and the water was way too cold for me to be playing games with them. I concentrated on saving energy and not opening my mouth. After less than a minute, my friends had me. As they pulled me out of the water, I told them to be very careful with my neck to keep it straight to avoid further damage. I was told the water was less than three feet deep where I hit. A sand bar had moved in over the winter.

They carefully pulled me partially up onto the beach. Laying there, I tried to assess what function I still had. My biceps worked and I felt that my lats may still work (I was wrong about that one). Inexplicably I was slightly cold there laying on the sand in the sun. This was cleared up when they told me my legs were still in the water. I talked with my friend’s girlfriend (Not the girl I was infatuated with minutes before). I smiled in a weird type of detached happiness about my working biceps and the attention of my friend’s girlfriend (Who was definitely hot).

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