The 2015 Baltimore Riots- Part 5; Safe for now

The head of the MARC was sitting in Baltimore station probably to make the call to close the station. He asked me how I planned on getting home. I explained my plight and he put things in action. He called someone’s boss and within an hour I was on a para transit bus home. On the way back I saw a few straggling looters but it was mostly uneventful. I got back to my apartment around 10, windows were boarded, the remaining unmolested planters were in the lobby and we had two security guards. My aide couldn’t make it in so I slept the night in my chair.

I woke up the next morning to a stiff neck and a city in shambles. I called my dad for advice on if I should go to work. He said out of the city (work) was probably the safest place to be. When I got there, I sat at my desk -where I was only 13 hours earlier, grateful to be reading news about what happened instead of what was happening

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