The 2015 Baltimore Riots- Part 6; Morning

Lady Baltimore awoke, She looked upon her dream of peaceful resistance smashed beyond repair and wept. The Mob, her children, glorious in destruction, their ravenous hunger was now satiated on cheap looted goods and prescription drugs. They saw their mother’s broken dream and were ashamed.

She knew that in the previous nights mood she could not manage herĀ children alone. She took in a babysitter for two weeks. The babysitter was very strict. But because of their shame and the pleading of their mother, the children obeyed with only a little fussing. When the babysitter left, the mother avoided disciplining her childrenĀ fearing another tantrum.

In the power vacuum, the wolves came and terrorized her sons and daughters. Thus began the bloodiest summer in memory. Lady Baltimore screamed and tore her clothing at the loss of hundreds of her children . But because the wolves stayed away from the high walls of Yuppieville, no one else really cared.

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One thought on “The 2015 Baltimore Riots- Part 6; Morning

  1. good first hand coverage, but I coudn’t follow your deeper thoughts…? “In the power vacum, the wolves came and terrorized her sons and daughters”.

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